The Church of
Saint John the Baptist


All parishes have requirements that need to be fulfilled before a wedding can be performed and each parish differs slightly from the others.

Here at Saint John the Baptist you do not need to be a member of the parish to be married by our parish priest, however at least one of the couple must be baptized in a Christian church. The wedding ceremony in the Anglican Church can be celebrated using one of 2 authorized services; the Book of Common Prayer (BCP), written in traditional English language, or the more contemporary Book of Alternative Services (BAS), written in modern English. The parish priest will generally follow whichever of the 2 formats a couple may choose.

Although the church is the appropriate place for the celebration and blessing of a marriage, a wedding may take place in another location, provided the parish priest is satisfied that the public nature, dignity and sacredness of the service will be preserved. Clergy are often asked to change the service or add things to it, much of which is manageable. However it is important to note that nothing will be done which may change the Christian understanding of the ceremony, particularly the vows, which must be said as written in either the BCP or BAS wedding services.

Any couple seeking to marry at the Church of Saint John the Baptist will be asked to go through a marriage preparation course conducted by the parish priest. The purpose of the course is to help couples strengthen their current relationships in preparation for married life. As is to be expected, preparation for marriage requires a fair amount of lead-time. Nine to twelve months is ideal. Six months is possible unless one of the couple has been married before when more time is required.


Baptisms require regular attendance at Church for a specified period of time. One of the married couple will need to be Anglican and the godparents will need to have been baptized or are willing to be baptized.


If you are interested in getting married or having a child baptized at Saint John the Baptist, please contact our parish Administrative Assistant to set up an appointment with our priest, the Rev. Lorne Eason.

If you would like to make an appointment or you desire more information, please call: