The Church of
Saint John the Baptist

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St. Andrew's Church, Pencoys, Cornwall, England

The Church of St. John the Baptist, Wemindji, Quebec

St. Andrew's Church, Pencoys, is one of five churches which make up the Benefice of Redruth with Lanner and Treleigh, in Cornwall, England. In recent years, these five congregations have shared the team ministry of two vicars. St. Andrew's is located in the village of Pencoys, situated a few miles from the market town of Redruth.

The whole of this part of Cornwall was a centre of the tin-mining industry until the late nineteenth century, as can be seen by the ruins of many mine workings scattered around the area.

Pencoys CornMine

Wemindji has a population of approximately 1360 people of which close to 900 are under the age of 28. Formerly known as Paint Hills the small Cree community is located offf James Bay at the mouth of the Maquatua River in Quebec. The Cree people moved to the current site, along the river, in the summer of 1959, from their old location near a trading post on an island called "Vieux-Comptoir" (French) otherwise known as "Old Factory" in English.

This new community was named Wemindji. Wemindji is Cree for "Red Ochre Mountain" and gets its name from the red pigment found in the hills that surround it, St. John the Baptist Church is a log covered building which was founding in the mid 1980's and seats 150 people.

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